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Posted on 07/02/2015 By Abigail Simmons

The following post was originally written and featured in Innov8tiv.com.

KnocKnockAfrica wants to become the première e-commerce platform that stocks marketable consumer products made from Africa, by Africans and inspired by Africa. The platform wants to bridge the existing gap between African merchants and the North America market by providing them a direct link through an e-commerce platform.

KnocKnockAfrica will not only provide an online marketplace where African entrepreneurs can sell to the North America’s consumers. But also provide the entrepreneurs with the needed technical skill necessary to successfully venture into the US market; such as branding solutions.

The platform will give vendors integrated marketing solutions, thus eliminating the need for them to carry out marketing and promotional campaign on their own, albeit at restive costs to the individual entrepreneur. Instead the vendors will only focus on the production end and not on the marketing bit, thus giving them more room to...Read More

Posted on 05/11/2015 By Abigail Simmons

Edited by Rahel Getachew

2015 continues to see an unprecedented e-commerce boom in Africa. Africa’s business growth over the last couple of years has also brought e-commerce at the forefront on the continent for several reasons. However, it is important to segment the catalysts for such explosion in e-commerce and to evaluate the core of its success.

Popular conclusions point to the importance of a growing access to Internet and the shift to secure funding for e-commerce ventures. In several fast growing economies in emerging markets over the past few years, business prospects have shifted focus to e-commerce platforms as Ventureburn pointed out back in March 2015, there are several large donors that are now pouring funds into e-commerce platforms across the African continent in particular. Forbes also discussed some of these institutions that are taking advantage of this growing trend in e-commerce markets by securing funding from major donors such as...Read More