Africa Country Facts

Economy AGOA Eligibility Global Ranking US dollars) US Trading Partner Ranking Top exports (1) Top exports (2) Top exports (3) Top Imports (1) Top Imports (2) Top Imports (3)
Algeria NO 54 166,839 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Angola 31-Dec-07 59 102,627 64th machinery iron and steel products meat (poultry) mineral fuels precious metal and stone (diamonds) wood and wood products
Benin 3-Oct-04 140 8,291 109th vehicles meat mineral fuels edible fruit & nuts special other (returns) furniture and bedding 11-Dec-08
Botswana 3-Oct-04 115 14,390 136th special other pharmaceuticals machinery precious metal and stone (diamonds) woven apparel knit apparel NO
Burkina Faso 11-Dec-08 131 10,678 178th machinery pharmaceuticals optical and medical instruments special other (returns) preserved food (cashews) electrical machinery
Burundi lost eligibility 1 Jan 2016 164 3,097 198th baking related products miscellaneous food miscellaneous textile articles coffee, tea & spice (coffee) fish and seafood (ornamental fish) art and antiques
Cabo Verde 3-Oct-04 172 1,603 209th meat special other electrical machinery electrical machinery prepared meat and fish beverages
Cameroon 3-Oct-04 97 28,416 124th machinery electrical machinery plastics wood and wood products mineral fuels cocoa
Central African Republic No 173 1,584 187th vehicles electrical machinery special other special other (returns) wood and wood products animal or vegetable fats and oils (bees wax)
Chad 3-Oct-04 130 10,889 77th machinery electrical machinery optical and medical instruments mineral fuels vegetable saps and extracts special other
Comoros 1-Jul-12 186 566 214th aircraft meat vehicles coffee, tea & spice perfumery, cosmetics art and antiques
Congo, Dem. Rep. Declared ineligible 1/1/2011 93 35,238 131st pharmaceuticals machinery meat (poultry) copper art and antiques coffee, tea & spice (coffee)
Congo, Rep. 3-Oct-04 139 8,553 112th machinery railway vehicles/equipment meat (poultry) mineral fuels wood and wood products special other (returns)
Cote D'Ivoire 26-Oct-15 95 31,759 89th machinery plastics mineral fuels cocoa rubber edible fruit & nuts (cashews)
Djibouti 3-Oct-04 171 1,727 145th electrical machinery cereals animal or vegetable fats and oils special other (returns) coffee, tea & spice cereals
Egypt, Arab Rep. NO 31 330,779 54th Machinery Mineral Fuel (oil) Cereals (wheat) Woven Apparel Knit Apparel Mineral Fuel (oil)
Equatorial Guinea NO 125 12,202 107th aircraft machinery iron and steel products mineral fuels organic chemicals special other
Eritrea NO N/A N/A 215th vehicles machinery miscellaneous textile articles electrical machinery beverages vegetable saps and extracts
Ethiopia 3-Oct-04 73 61,540 81st aircraft cereals (wheat) special other (repairs, low value estimates) coffee, tea & spice (coffee) special other (returns) footwear
Gabon 3-Oct-04 117 14,262 113th machinery meat (poultry) railway vehicles/equipment mineral fuels ores, slag, and ash (manganese) special other (returns)
Gambia, The Lost eligibility 23-Dec-2014 181 939 185th miscellaneous food meat vehicles fish and seafood Special other Vegetables
Ghana 3-Oct-04 89 37,543 91st machinery vehicles mineral fuels cocoa special other (returns) wood and wood products
26-Oct-15 145 6,699 140th machinery electrical machinery vehicles ores, slag, and ash (aluminum ores) special other (returns) precious metal and stone (diamonds)
Guinea-Bissau Regained eligibility 12/23/2014 179 1,057 219th meat optical and medical instruments pharmaceuticals special other machinery art and antiques
Kenya 3-Oct-04 71 63,398 85th aircraft machinery cereals (grain, sorgham) woven apparel knit apparel coffee, tea & spice (coffee)
Lesotho 3-Oct-04 167 2,278 133rd Special Classification Provisions Machinery Knit Apparel Woven Apparel
Liberia 30-Dec-10 169 2,053 146th machinery miscellaneous textile articles cereals (wheat) rubber precious metal and stone (diamonds) animal or vegetable fats and oils (palm oil)
Madagascar Regained eligibility 27-Jun-2014 135 9,739 145th Machinery Electrical Machinery Aircraft Nickel Coffee Special Classification Provisions
Malawi 3-Oct-04 149 6,404 161st Pharmaceutical Products Special Other (low value shipments) Cereals (wheat) Tobacco Spices, Coffee, and Tea (tea) Knit Apparel
Mali Regained eligibility 01/01/2014 121 12,747 178th Machinery Pharmaceutical Products Fats and Oils Art and Antiques Animal/Vegetable Fats Electric Machinery
Mauritania 2-Jan-14 153 5,442 130th Machinery Vehicles Mineral Fuel Mineral Fuel, Oil N/A N/A
Mauritius 3-Oct-04 127 11,682 117th mineral fuels machinery electrical machinery woven apparel precious metal and stone (diamonds) Prepared meat and fish (tuna)
Morocco NO 60 100,593 69th Mineral Fuel Aircraft Food Waste (soybean residues) Fertilizers Salt, Sulfur, Earth and Stone Electrical Machinery
Mozambique 3-Oct-04 113 14,807 122nd railway vehicles/equipment mineral fuels Machinery ores, slag, and ash (titanium ores) precious metal and stone (rubies) edible fruit & nuts (cashews)
Namibia 3-Oct-04 128 11,492 125th Machinery Special Other (low value shipments) Vehicles Ores, Slag, and Ash (uranium) Precious Stones and Metals (diamonds) Special other (returns)
Niger 26-Oct-15 144 7,143 182nd Aircraft Electric Machinery Surgical Instruments Special Provisions Electric Machinery Works of Art
Nigeria 3-Oct-04 23 481,066 60th mineral fuels machinery cereals (wheat) mineral fuels special other cocoa
Rwanda 3-Oct-04 141 8,096 177th machinery pharmaceuticals special other(articles donated for relief) coffee, tea & spice (coffee) Ores, slag, and ash (tantalum ores) Vegetable saps and extracts (pectates)
Sao Tome and Principe 3-Oct-04 189 318 219th Dairy Products Machinery Electric Machinery Electric Machinery Cocoa Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts
Senegal 3-Oct-04 119 13,610 143rd Mineral Fuel (oil) Machinery Vehicles Artificial Flowers, Feathers Fish and Seafood Special Other (returns)
Seychelles Declared ineligible effective 1-1-2017 175 1,438 198th Machinery Electric machinery Aircraft Optic and Medical Instruments Special Other (returns) Meat, Fish
Sierra Leone 24-Oct-06 157 4,215 162nd Machinery Vehicles Meat Ores, Slag, and Ash Precious Stones (diamonds) Art and Antiques
Somalia NO 151 5,925 200th Medical Instruments Prep Cereal/Flour Vehicles Precious Stones/Metals Works of Art Gums/Resins
South Africa 3-Oct-04 32 314,572 39th machinery ( vehicles electrical machinery precious metal and stone vehicles iron and steel
South Sudan Lost eligibility 23-Dec-2014 136 9,015 N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a
Sudan NO 62 97,156 167th Cereals (grain) Pharmaceutical Products Machinery Vegetable Sap Extract (gum arabic) N/A N/A
Swaziland Lost eligibility during 2014 158 4,118 173rd Oils/Perfumery Machinery Chemical Products Knit Apparel Woven Apparel Prep Vegetables/Fruit
Tanzania 3-Oct-04 84 45,628 133rd machinery miscellaneous textile articles electrical machinery coffee, tea & spice (coffee) knit apparel Precious metal and stone (gemstones)
Togo 18-Apr-12 159 4,088 99th Mineral Fuel (oil) Vehicles Fertilizers Edible Fruit and Nuts (cashews) Feathers Cocoa N/A
Tunisia NO 85 43,015 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Uganda 3-Oct-04 98 27,529 150th aircraft machinery electrical machinery coffee, tea & spice (coffee) Glue & enzymes (caseins) Iron and steel
Zambia 3-Oct-04 105 21,154 156th machinery rubber Special other (low value estimates) precious metal and stone (emeralds) Special other (returns) other base metals (cobalt)
Zimbabwe NO 114 14,419 165th machinery Vehicles Electrical machinery iron and steel Tobacco Sugar